Shooting through the alphabet stars on a keyboard rocketship

My name is Malcolm Hemmings, and I have had an epiphany. You see, throughout my life I've had many hobbies; reading, programming, playing video games, and making up stories. Over the years, from my childhood to today, I've been so passionate about these hobbies that in any given moment of my free time it was almost assured that one would find me indulging in one of these activities. Up until November of 2012, I was more or less satisfied with that. But after failing to meet the challenge of NaNoWriMo, my outlook on these passions changed; I found myself realizing that I wasn't content simply absorbing these amazing stories and games made by other people, I wanted to make them myself. This website is the place where all of those little stories and games will live, and I hope that with them, I can bring you some small amount of the pleasure that stories and games have given me over the years.


I've always found that a good game is capable of being beautiful, whether it's a huge triple-A console title or a tiny 2-minute flash game. I hope that you agree, and I hope that you enjoy mine.


A well written story can transport the reader to a whole new world, can spark up emotions, can touch one's spirit in a deep and meaningful way. It is my hope that someone finds my small stories do that for them.